How to Clean Your Knives (in 8 tips)

A clean knife following being wiped and cleaned.

Every chef knows that the knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. Properly taking care of them is a sure-fire way to prolong their life and get the best use out of them. Knives are the greatest tool of any chef (or home cooker). Keeping them clean and sharp ensures efficient cutting and your own safety when using … Read More

How To Choose a New Home Cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners neatly packed next to a window.

Choosing a new cleaner for your home can be a daunting process. You want to make sure you pick the right person for the job. They need to clean well but also be trustworthy and on time. Our friends over at have helped us put together this awesome list to help you choose your next cleaner. How do you … Read More

How to Clean your BBQ

A clean BBQ being used on the balcony of someone's home.

It’s that time of year. We’re outside, enjoying the weather and cooking up a storm on the BBQ. mmmm I can smell it now, cooked sausages, roasted kebabs and a few burger patties. Yummo! Often the bbq is left alone while everyone goes and enjoys the feast. It’s only later that someone might come back with some water and wipe … Read More