Benefits of a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner on a home's floorboards.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are more and more popular. Especially for homeowners with large homes as well as cleaners who vacuum several homes each week. These vacuums are loved for their efficiency and convenience. Rather than pulling a floor vacuum around the room (and around furniture), users can keep it with them, adding an aspect of agility to their work. They are often also lighter, allowing for easier transport and storage.

Advantages of a backpack vacuum cleaner:


Backpack vacuum cleaners are much easier to navigate around the room. All the machinery is on your back. This makes cleaning much much easier, especially when you need to get into tight spots and between furniture. You don’t need to make sure the rolling floor vacuum cleaner has room to roll in behind you. Further, it makes cleaning in high places much easier. You can easily climb ladders to reach cobwebs without worrying about the length of the vacuum’s suction tube.

Safety and efficiency

A common symptom of a rolling floor vacuum is that it rolls around behind you as you clean, often tripping you up as you manoeuvre around it. This sucks! (pardon the pun). Backpack vacuum cleaners keep all the bits and bobs (sans the cord) on your back. As long as you know where the cord is you are fine! (and there’s battery backpack cleaners on the market now too! Adding to this, the machine won’t be taking up floor space that you want to clean. No more constantly be moving the vacuum cleaner out of the way when you want to clean the area on which it sits. This is frustrating and just adds to the total clean time of the floor.


Transporting a backpack vacuum cleaner is generally easier than a floor vacuum. Firstly, they are often lighter – as they are designed to be ergonomic on your back. Secondly, they are designed to be carried – so you can wear them on your back as you transport them to and from your car (or your cupboard if you keep it within your home).

Ongoing Cost/Convenience

Though they sport a greater initial cost, backpack vacuums are often bagless. New Backpack vacuum cleaners are often bagless. This saves a lot of time and money otherwise spent purchasing and fiddling around emptying and replacing bags.

  • No more ongoing costs of the bags – as well as the inconvenience if you start to clean but realise you are out of bags.

Disadvantages of a backpack vacuum cleaner


  • It gets hot on your back. As your backpack vacuum is doing it’s thing, sucking up all that muck and gunk, it generates a decent amount of heat. If you’re cleaning in the summer months this takes its toll as you’ll be walking around with a big heater on your back.


  • More expensive. Take note here, this will matter more to some than others. Backpack vacuums are generally more expensive than their floor counterparts. This is due to the extra design process required for the backpack vacuums, as well as the extra parts involved. When purchasing your vacuum cleaner, take these things into account. Is the extra price worth the convenience of keeping the cleaner on your back?


  • Potential back strain. As technologies develop, backpack vacuums are becoming more and more efficient and ergonomic. Saying this, strapping the machine to your back can potentially cause strain – especially when done over long periods of time.

There you have it. Backpack vacuum cleaners have ushered an increase in efficiency and convenience – allowing users to clean homes and buildings in shorter amounts of time. Though they have their benefits, they also come with other considerations. If you are considering purchasing a backpack vacuum cleaner, take this all into account – particularly the expensiveness of varying. models.