The Top 10 Step Checklist for Choosing Your House Cleaner in Sydney

Choosing a House Cleaner in Sydney can come with its perils but it doesn’t need to be so. There’s a broad mix of different cleaning companies in Sydney. So what should you look out for to separate the professional cleaners from the rest? Our cleaning expert Jan from Mop Lovers has put together a handy list of things to look out for when choosing your next house cleaning company in Sydney.

  1. Check out their website-  is it professional?

A good first and easy step when choosing your house cleaner is to check out their website. Give it a good browse. How professional is it? Is it well thought out? Is there any information missing? A website is a good representation of the business as a whole.

    • If they are a profitable cleaning business, it’s because they clean WELL. they are making their customers happy and making money from this. A profitable company is much more likely to invest more in their website because they have the money and understand the value in it
    • If the website has a simple but comprehensive layout this is a REALLY GOOD SIGN. It shows that they listen to the needs of their customers and want to provide them with the best information possible to make booking their services as easy as possible.
    • Does the website describe their services? You want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you book your house clean with them. So make sure they outline exactly what they offer. The worst thing is paying a bunch of money only for them to tell you that they don’t offer extra services that you thought were included in the price!
  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes. We all make them now and then, but glaringly obvious mistakes indicate that the company doesn’t pay enough attention to their site and doesn’t put in a lot of effort into making sure it effectively shows their business. This is just another red flag to watch out for

2. Make sure they have reviews – check google especially

Reviews are great because it shows you what other people are saying about a business. It’s awfully hard to hide bad reviews on google and facebook. If the cleaning company is constantly getting low reviews this is a MASSIVE RED FLAG. Stay right away. Constant 5 star reviews can be hard to maintain. Let’s be realistic, there will always be some bad apples. So look at how the cleaning company handles bad reviews. Are they defensive and righteous? Or do they respond with kind and understanding words? Often there’s more than one side to the story but here you can get an idea of the type of company you are dealing with.

Where to check reviews?

    • Google – this is a very trustworthy source right here
  • Facebook – another great place where customers will often leave reviews

3. Check their social media

As well as checking their reviews, have a good look at the social media of the cleaning company. Are they posting regularly? Do their posts have personality? Are people commenting and engaging with the posts? What about their reviews on there?

Few companies, especially cleaning companies, are fully utilising social media for their business. They don’t understand that the people looking for cleaning companies really want to see what the business is actually like. Social media allows us to look into a company and see their personality.

Here are some things to look out for:

    • Do they post an inside look into the business? Stuff like employee of the month, behind the scenes shots, etc
    • Do they post before and after shots of the work they complete?
    • Do they respond to comments and replies?
  • Do they take themselves too seriously? You want a company that engages with their customer base and knows that people are people.

4. Look at their services

This is glaringly obvious but it needs to be said. Look at their services. Do they offer extras? Do they offer end of lease cleans? Do they offer deep cleans too? This shows that they really know what they are doing and are listening to the needs of their customers.

How in depth do they describe each service? Do they just say it is offered without providing any more information? The people want to know what they are buying before they pull out their wallet!! So make sure that when you are choosing a cleaning company, that they describe their services well.

5. Are their staff professional? Give them a call, how is their customer service?

Hiring a cleaner is like starting a relationship. It can feel a bit awkward at first. You’re letting them into your home, they see all your stuff, and you’re trusting them to clean up your mess. That’s ok. Let’s take this slow. Just like a classic first date, you won’t be meeting the extended family just yet.

If you want to hire a great cleaner, you need to make sure they are professional. In particular, how are their people? It isn’t like buying a product online. You are paying for a human (or a team of humans) that are the absolute experts in household cleaning. Not only should they be amazing at cleaning, but they should also be great with their customers.

What if you have a problem? What if you need to adjust your booking? What if something goes wrong and you need to cancel at the last minute? These are all things that really matter because they will define how the cleaning company’s customer service team will respond. Are the professional on the phone? Are the accommodating and willing to do anything possible to keep your business?

Customer service is a dying trade these days! And in the local services business it is particularly important. So make sure that your cleaning company handles their customers well.

6. Are there multiple ways to reach them?

You can imagine it, you’re late home from work to let your cleaners in. How do you message them that you’re going to be late? Do you call? Do you text? This is crucial when things go wrong. Make sure the cleaning company is actually reachable. You don’t want to be scrambling for a phone number when shit hits the fan.

Methods to contact your cleaning company:

    • Phone number
    • On-website chat
    • Email
  • Social media messaging (facebook messenger, Instagram DM).

7. Do their staff speak english?

This falls under customer service but in the house cleaning industry it also deserves a heading on it’s own. Cleaning companies are notorious for hiring cleaning employees without a proper English speaking ability. Go ahead, check out the reviews of competitors and you’ll see countless 1, 2 & 3 star reviews saying that the customer tried to communicate with the cleaner but it was impossible because the cleaning employee didn’t speak english. Honestly, this isn’t a problem in commercial cleaning where tasks are much more repetitive and require much less instructions in English. The problem is in house cleaning where every client is unique and often has boutique needs.

Do you have a granite bench top? Well, you better let your cleaner know ASAP because using the wrong products can cause thousands of dollars of damage. The worst thing is telling your cleaner but they fail to understand and cause a whole world of damage.

8. Do they service your area?

This is obvious but also very important. If you are in Bondi beach, make sure your cleaner services your area. Many Sydney cleaners only service certain suburbs of Sydney. Make sure your cleaning company can come to your suburb, whether it’s in the eastern suburbs, inner west, northern beaches, southern or western suburbs. Good cleaning companies will effectively schedule their cleaners so that they stay within their allotted area. This makes them much more efficient and greatly lowers the chance that they will be late to your cleaning appointment. If they are driving 90 minutes across Sydney at peak hour to get to your home then there’s a higher chance they’ll be late. The last thing you want is to be waiting outside to let them in as you watch the clock tick by as you yourself are also late for your own job.

9. Are the commercial? Or do they specialise in domestic cleaning?

Some cleaning companies strictly service commercial dwellings. Offices, businesses, and other workspaces. Usually these cleaners are not trained to interact with customers at all. They are provided very simple tasks to do day-in-day-out. The problem here, is that if a commercial cleaning company offers to service your home, you won’t receive the same level of service as sa dedicated domestic cleaning company. A company like this has an entirely different training regimine for their cleaners.

When choosing your company you want to make sure that the cleaners are well trained for the specific task of house cleaning, they speak english (in case you need to chat with them about extra areas that need attention or what have you), and that they are professionals in the work they are completing.

10. Do they offer a good deal for a recurring clean?

A good cleaning company doesn’t want to clean quickly, take your money and run. Good cleaning companies understand the value of a long-term customer. Because of this, they will do everything they can to earn your business and keep it. If the cleaning company offer a deal for recurring cleans then this signifies that they are focused on the long term. You don’t build a business in australia by ripping people off. You need to treat your customers well and as though you will be servicing them for the rest of their lives. Many cleaning companies will charge on a per-basis for their services. If your company has an ongoing deal then this is a win-win for both you and them.

Over time, as they clean your home, they will get to know all the little nooks and crannies. They will understand how everything works, how to scrub the right way to clean your shower, how to get that extra bit of gunk off your doorstep. They will learn the areas that accumulate more mess and make sure those are prioritised.

If you have a new cleaner every week, they’re not going to understand your home like a trusted, professional, long-term cleaner would. So, as well as ensuring they offer ongoing cleaning, make sure that it will be the same cleaner each time. This ensures you build a trusted relationship with your cleaner. They will get to know your home and provide the best service possible. Also, understand that sometimes a cleaner might not make it regularly. Your cleaning company might schedule a different cleaner for a week or two, depending on the availability of the original cleaner. This is a good chance to see how this cleaner performs and it gives you an idea of how professional the cleaning company is as a whole.

Well there you have it folks. Thanks again to Jan for putting together this fabulous list for us within our company. We hope this made your decision to choose a Sydney House Cleaner much easier and straightforward.