How To Choose a New Home Cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners neatly packed next to a window.

Choosing a new cleaner for your home can be a daunting process. You want to make sure you pick the right person for the job. They need to clean well but also be trustworthy and on time.

Handy Tips for Hiring an Awesome Cleaner for your Home.

1. Make sure they are from a reputable company.

How do you check this? Check their reviews! If a cleaner is doing a great job with others, you have good reason to believe that they’ll do a great job for you as well. Do they have reviews on google, facebook and yelp? Skim through them and make sure they’re well balanced, not obviously fake, and no big red flags. Also, depending on the total number of reviews, expect a few bad apples here or there. This happens to all businesses, just have a look at what is said and how the business responds. Is it feedback with unreasonable expectations, and did the business owner respond reasonably, professionally, and do their best to rectify the situation?

Also, you may have been referred to the cleaner by a friend. This is an awesome sign, because if you’re friend thinks they’re great then you will probably have a similar experience. When you book the clean, make sure you also mention that you discovered them through your friend. This is useful feedback for the cleaner and also tells them that you have high expectations – as you have heard of the great service already.

2. Make sure they have a good guarantee.

On your first clean you will have someone you have never met cleaning your home. This can be a scary thought. A valuable bonus to many cleaning companies is their satisfaction guarantee. If a cleaning company values it’s customers and truly believes in its cleaning quality, they will have a great guarantee in place. For example, at Mop Lovers we stand by our work. If you are not happy with your clean then we will come back to re-clean (for free) or fully refund your payment.

Also be aware, some companies will claim to have a fantastic (almost unbelievable) satisfaction guarantee but they will never follow through with it. You can see this in their google reviews. A customer complains and the owner shifts the blame and doesn’t stick to their word! Be careful of such owners.

3. Make sure they have trustworthy cleaners.

If you’re having a strange cleaner in your home, you want to trust them. There are several ways you can make sure you have trustworthy cleaners in your home. Firstly, you know other people that have used this cleaner before. This is a big green flag. If your friends had a great experience then it is likely you will as well. Secondly, have a look at the company’s policies. Do they run background checks on their cleaners? Do the cleaners undergo a significant vetting and hiring process? Has the cleaner been with the company for a long time? These questions will all provide you with valuable information to assess the cleaner’s trustworthiness. Thirdly, is the cleaner part of a company or do they operate on their own? Bigger companies have a valuable reputation to uphold. Because of this, they are careful of negative feedback and low-quality employees because a few bad apples can ruin the bunch. If you hire a solo cleaner, they have less skin in the game, as there is usually no way for you to give public feedback. This is where google reviews gives customers a lot of power. If you have a bad experience you can vet your issue. As a new customer, you can rely on these reviews to assess new cleaners in their trustworthiness.

4. Make sure they arrive on time.

This is crucial. One of the number one complaints of customers is that other cleaning companies do not arrive on time! This is such a big issue because when a cleaner is late they are running on your time. If you stay home to let them in, they are keeping you back from eveyrthing you want to do. And why do most people hire cleaners? So they can spend their life doing other things than cleaning! This really falls back on the cleaners trustworthiness and satisifaction guarantee. How often are they late for other customers? Check their reviews. And in the case that they are late (traffic, accidents; it happens), what do they do about it? Do they clean for free? Do they provide a refund? Do they get in touch with you personally and seek a reasonably compromise? All these things will be outlined in their satisfaction guarantee. If you want to save yourself a lot of potential headache, make sure you vet this stuff before you get to booking your new clean.