How to Clean your BBQ

A clean BBQ being used on the balcony of someone's home.

It’s that time of year. We’re outside, enjoying the weather and cooking up a storm on the BBQ. mmmm I can smell it now, cooked sausages, roasted kebabs and a few burger patties. Yummo! Often the bbq is left alone while everyone goes and enjoys the feast. It’s only later that someone might come back with some water and wipe it down with a paper towel. But as you know, over time, your good ole’ faithful builds up grime and grease. Next time you hand someone the tongs, hand someone a cloth so they can return the bbq back to its former glory. Not only will your meat taste better but your guests won’t grimace in disgust when they see the caked on grime from years of cooking.

The steps for cleaning your BBQ

  • While it is warm

    Give the BBQ a quick scrape with a non-scratching utensil. This is to get all the chunky grime bits off before they cool down and get stuck to the plate. If this happens you will have a much harder time getting your barbeque clean! Make sure you have removed all the chunky bits of meat, vegetables, and anything else.

  • Place a stainless steel bowl of water.

    Put this bowl on the plate, turn the burner down to low and close the lid. Go away and eat your food. The steam generated from the water will condense water on the inside of the hood. This makes it a lot easier to clean later on.

  • Wipe with a paper towel

    Come back and wipe down the BBQ with a paper towel.

  • Don’t clean off the oil

    The oil on your hotplate is crucial to keeping it in great condition – it protects the metal from rust and prolongs its’ life for years to come. Wipe down the BBQ with the paper towel but don’t try to get the BBQ to be as clean as new – this is not a good thing to do.

  • Check the drip tray.

    Depending on your model, you may have a different type of drip tray. Remove and clean out the dripped oil to ensure it doesn’t build up over time.

  • Wipe down the outside

    Wipe down the outside of your BBQ to clean off any stray bits of grease and grime that can get stuck to the outside. This also make your BBQ look great, returning it to its’ former glory.

Here at Mop Lovers we love to help out with some great cleaning tips to make your life easier. There you have it, keep your BBQ in tip-top shape with these handy cleaning tips. Brought to you by our friends over at Home Maid Better.