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Our regular cleaners will save you mountains of time and stress. Let us take care of the headache of all your mess. We'll keep your home beautiful all year round.

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Our regular cleaning service saves you more than 6 hours a week!

Not to mention the world of pain and frustration from getting down on your hands and knees to scrub all the hard to reach places where the mess and gunk hide.

Our regular cleaning service saves you hours and hours of time and frustration of keeping your personal home nice and clean. Stop wasting all your time scrubbing away. We’ll do that for you so you can spend your valuable spare time with your friends, family, and on what actually matters!

Stop Getting Sick from Nasty Germs and Allergies!

Your home is a cesspool filled with hundreds of strains of evil bacteria waiting to infect your innocent child as he crawls along the kitchen floor, sticking plastic toy blocks into his mouth. Don’t laugh. Did you know that one single bacteria cell explodes into more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours? And that invisible microbes of all kinds can cause everything from athlete’s foot to diarrhea, the common cold to the flu, meningitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, skin diseases, strep throat, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, and a lot more.

Our Professional Cleaners are the Experts in fighting scum!

Our expert cleaners use the absolute best cleaning products to stop the filthy evil bacteria bugs in their tracks. We know all the little nooks and crannies where they love to hide. We’ll get down on our hands and knees and scrub every little ugly sucker away. Rest assured that your home will be a happy healthy place you can relax and raise your family far away from the danger of evil bacteria and dust.

But doesn’t a regular cleaner cost a lot of money?

Of course not! Every single one of our beloved customers loves our service because we save them so much time and energy.

Imagine coming home from work to a the smell of fresh lavender wafting through your home. Your loungeroom is neatly arranged, all pillows are fluffed and everything in its place. Your bedroom is immaculate, with the bed made, and everything put away just how it should. Your kitchen is sparkling clean, all dishes scrubbed to perfection and your oven and stovetop are glisteningly clean and ready to be used.

Our cleaners are the absolute best in all of Sydney

Trust us, we’ve looked everywhere and it’s been almost impossible to find cleaners that meet our 5 star Mop Lover standard.

Professional Cleaners

Our cleaners go through a rigorous process to become a certified Mop Lover. In depth interviews, full background checks, and our 5 star quality control process.


Our cleaners all come with their own cleaning products and equipment. No need to keep your supplies cupboard stocked, we’ll take care of that!

Risk free, no contracts

Cancel your booking anytime. Relax knowing you are protected by our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

How does the booking process work?

Book Online

Use our simple booking form to choose your service and time & date of your booking.

We Clean

Our expert cleaning team work their magic on your home, leaving it sparkly fresh, perfectly organised, and smelling like sweet-scented lavender.

Relax & Enjoy

Enjoy your professional cleaned home. Bask in the glory knowing you won’t need to lift a finger to keep your castle looking, feeling and smelling great.

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          Reviews from our customers

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          Reviews from Google

          • review rating 5  I ask for Mop Lovers services a couple of days ago, and was really professional, very easy to book via website and the work was done perfectly. They have all the necessary equipment and a very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend it!

            thumb Cami Carvajal
          • review rating 5  Good job, have a cleaning team of 2 cleaners. And they're amazing. Totally recomended.

            thumb arizas1
          • review rating 5  Very good service. Totally trustable, I asked for cleaning service for a one time and it worked perfectly and without me having to intervene. I will get the regular cleaning now.

            thumb stefano bertoni
          • review rating 5  Good thank you

            thumb Jonathan Rowed
          • review rating 5  I booked them for a cleaning and had never hired this type of service before. I absolutely loved it as I came back from work and my apt smelled clean! The best is that i didnt have to do it myself! I definitely will hire moplovers again! Thanks!

            thumb javiera montoya
          • review rating 5  I was very happy with the quality of service provided by this company. I decided to go with Moplovers for an end-of-lease clean-up in my presence. Later on, my landlord raised a few minor issues that required a revisit by cleaners. I was overseas, so I forwarded the email from landlord to Moplovers and they followed up with the owner to try rectify the issue. The owner decided to deny access to Moplovers which I wasn't happy about, but Moplovers did a full refund to me! Amazing customer service - great clean-up job, amazing follow up to rectify issues, then a full refund despite the apartment owner being at fault. 5 stars. 🙂

            thumb Rohan Tondon
          • review rating 5  Amazing service! Have mop lovers over cleaning my house every week and I can only say positive things so far. The customer service is really helpful and they actually do the cleaning as to how I told them. The cleaning staff are very nice and fast. I've tried several other companies in Sydney, but was always disappointed and ended up having more trouble cleaning it myself and demanding my money back. So annoyed with wasting time on this. Now, with mop lovers I am finally fully happy! The cleaning is fast and effective, I checked the hidden corners and under the furniture - the places that are usually left out - but they did a neat job. Definitely worth the money! 5 stars for sure!

            thumb Stephan Esterle
          • review rating 5  Mop Lovers simply does the job. When I came back to my place and found the kitchen cleaning had not met my expectations, I got in touch via telephone. The moment I voiced my complaints, they sent a person to re-do the work, completely free of charge. I most certainly did not expect such a prompt response and quality post-sale service. I'll definitely count on these guys again.

            thumb Jonathan Litvak
          • review rating 5  Great costumer service and very good service, I will definitely call them again and recommend Mop lovers!

            thumb Carlene Carvallo
          • review rating 5  I booked a clean for my sister who was feeling homesick. The process was really easy and Sam was very helpful over chat and when talking with my sister. A great quality job too, I think she said she will book a regular clean with you guys!

            thumb J Saint

          Reviews from Facebook

          • review rating 5  Good job, have a cleaning team of 2 cleaners each week and they do a great job.

            thumb Juan Manuel Ariza Corrales
          • review rating 5  Highly recommended , Professional and affordable too

            thumb Nansi Gidiess
          • review rating 5  Great cleaning service! Easy booking and very efficient. I will continue using them and I recommend it 100%.

            thumb Camila Balbontin Tanhnuz
          • review rating 5  The best cleaning company in sydney, booked it to clean while I was there travelling and I was completely happy with their service, highly recommended!

            thumb Javiera Montoya Ballesty
          • review rating 5  Really good service and clean. Checked the spots that are usually left out after the first clean, but they cleaned the entire house. Will have them over regularly. Customer service is excellent. Had so much trouble with the other companies in Sydney, and finally I have found a cleaning company that does the job right, so I don't have to waste my time checking back and arguing with them anymore. 5 stars for sure, huge recommendation!

            thumb Stephan Est
          • review rating 5  ¡Amazing Moplovers Services! Very quick and profesional. They have a great cleaning team, totally recommended for everyone, specially for those that love their home outstanding!

            thumb Fernanda Sofia Montoya Ballesty
          • review rating 5  I tried different cleaning companies, but this one is amazing! Very professionals, trustfull, excellent work and good prices. Definitely recommended for regular cleaning.

            thumb Rosario Espinoza
          • review rating 5  Flexible with cleaning times, and very communicative. Followed instructions I gave in the pre-clean tour. Friendly and straightforward - would use again.

            thumb Jono Hathway
          • review rating 5  Excellent, timely and professional service. Would recommend to anyone looking for cleaners!

            thumb Gerardo Covarrubias